You can’t escape the Process

caterpillar to butterfly post
Man oh man… I have been thru the fire… I mean so hot I thought I had died and went to hell and never got the memo.
I don’t know if you have ever had those experiences. You know the ones where you feel hopeless, there is no way out, you feel like you are drowning and will never come up for air.
I have felt like that in my marriage,
I felt like that when my dad passed away,
I have felt like that in my business
I have felt like that in my finances
I have felt like that as a parent…
Just up shit creek without a paddle. Excuse the language but many of us have been there and there is just no nice way to put it.
As I grow inward and upward (notice I didn’t say outward) I have learned that the squeeze has always prepared me for the next level in my life.
When a caterpillar becomes a butterfly it goes through an unspeakably tough transformation. I mean it completely shuts down and digests itself. It pretty much thinks it is about to die and in essence the caterpillar as we know it does die.. but what emerges is this beautiful butterfly. The most important part is this.. everything changes. It no longer crawls, it flies. It goes from feasting on leaves to feeding on nectar. Something that which was once ignored is now marveled and appreciated.
The struggle you are in today is preparing you for the strength you need for tomorrow.
We’ve all been the caterpillar at some point in our lives in some area. Maybe you are in a caterpillar moment right now.
The bad news is: You can’t skip the process. A metamorphosis must take place.
The good news is: There is something beautiful that awaits on the other side.
Grace is our butterfly moment.
We must discover our wings and FLY!



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