Social Media Stalking….. When to Draw The Line

Be You


Social Media Stalking

Sounds cray right??? It really isn’t.

As business owners we are often told to go find out who has what you want and go follow them.

So we trot down the yellow brick road of facebook, instagram, etc and seriously stalk these people’s posts, pictures, comments, everything… right???

Don’t act like I’m the only one….lol

Well modeling those you wish to emulate is a good business practice but doing it to the point of discouragement or loss of self identity is when it goes terribly wrong.

I almost threw in the towel on a project I was working on all because one of my “business muses” announced that they were doing the same thing.

I was heartbroken. I started to think of all the negative scenarios.

“If they are doing it, who is going to listen to me”

“Everyone is going to think I copied them”

“I might as well think of something else”

Get rid of that stinkin thinking. I literally had to talk myself out of quitting on something I had been planning for several months.

Why do I tell you this?

I am telling you because I don’t want you to give up on your dreams, ideas and creativity because you saw it somewhere else. If anything it should give you the motivation to run past go and put your idea into action.

So modeling, looking and stalking is all good but use it just for that…. modeling, inspiration and motivation.

In the end YOU are who people will be connecting with and they will never get to meet you if you are busy trying to be “them”.

You are and will always be the best person for the job at being YOU!!!

I can’t wait to meet YOU on social media 🙂




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