Passionate Mom Dare -Day 1

passionate Mom Dare day 1


I have been reading this amazing book titled “Passionate Mom” by Susan Merril and I have already began to change the way I look at parenting from the first chapter.

I believe that many times we think we are being intentional when we really aren’t. We are asking questions but we really aren’t listening to the answers. We allow the rush of our busy days to cloud our thoughts and our children can be left with a nod and a smirk or a healf- hearted um-hmmm.

The author issued a 30 day dare to parent passionately. To pay attention to the tiniest intricacies of our children’s lives.

I have decided to take the challenge and I am encouraging as many mommies as possible to come along with me.

Because I was tasked with asking 3 questions I ended up asking a gazillion and we talked forever about his day, who he played with, what they played, why they chose that, are the kids nice to him, how does he feel about his teachers…and the list goes on.

I got down right nosey (inquisitive) curious… whatever you want to call it but we totally had a deeper connection.

I will definitely incorporate intentional questioning to our daily communication.

What types of questions will you be asking your kids? If you participated did you get any unexpected answers or insights into their day?



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