Insanity Max 30 Review Day 1

The day arrived!!

Today we embarked upon a long awaited journey to start and finish the new Insanity program called Insanity Max 30.

We are doing it together as a couple.

Working out together is a way to spend quality time and workout simulataneously and as a busy mom don’t we love to kill two birds with one stone..I know I do.

I maxed out at 6:10. I just couldn’t go full force any more and lost my concentration. I stopped took a break and went back in. The awesome part of this program is that you are supposed to Max out. Compose yourself, take a breath, get a swig a water and jump back in.


Well as a mom I know all about taking a break, counting to 10 and jumping back in…lol

A huge part of success in any program is diet. I will be posting my weekly meal plan because planning is vital to ensuring the best results. My prayer is that posting my meal plan will not only hold me accountable but give you ideas.

Here is week 1’s plan

Insanity Max 30 week 1 meal plan

We will be documenting out journey, progress and results and we would be honored for you to follow along to hold us accountable and give encouragement along the way.


It is going to be a fun ride.



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