Family and Friends Over Fat – Capture the Memories

Don’t you want to get in the picture?

Have you ever heard that one as you politely decline with a smile and make an excuse of why you don’t want to get in. You excitedly offer to be the photographer for family events and outings with friends so that no one will notice that you never want to actually get in the pictures.

Sound familiar?

Yep, I’ve been there too.

Matter of fact let me share my heart with you.

Lately I have been feeling like a complete disappointment to myself in terms of body image. I worked really hard after the birth of my son to lose 61lbs only to gain some of it back this year after the passing of my father and now it isn’t coming off as easy.

I know where you are. I completely understand how it feels.

So when I read the blog by Teresa on being too fat to be photographed it truly hit home for me. (read her article here)

I am in that space right now.

Bigger on this years pictures than last years pictures.


I must admit it is a little depressing.

You are supposed to look better and better right?

Well yes in a perfect world but things don’t always go as planned.

So what am I gonna do about it??

I am going to work on it

Alter the things I don’t like

Make more of a commitment to my diet

Keep my workout schedule….

Those are just some of the things I will be doing to change my current circumstance.

See I don’t believe in being disgruntled and just staying there. I believe if you don’t like it, don’t complain…. change ( just my philosophy)

self acceptance

But….as I am in the process of changing

I am going to capture these moments with my 3 year old and my mom, family and friends. The only thing we can’t get a refund on is time.

We don’t get it back, there is no re-do.. only forward motion.

I want my son to know how active I was in all of his life not just the times that I felt I looked good enough to show up on a picture with him.

See what we don’t realize is that we hurt our friends and family as well when we cut ourselves out of the physical memories.

One thing is for certain…

We will all die… I hate to be so grim but it very true.

When looking back at my pictures no one is going to be focused on that muffin top. They are going to be reminicing on whatever was taking place at that moment and relishing in the fact that I were present.

They are going to miss all of me… the fit me and the fat me… just me.

So yes, I will try to dress in something more flattering for my extra lbs and I will try to make sure you focus on my makeup and hair and less on my spreading hips but by golly…I’m jumping in those pics!!!

Whose with me??

Have you ever dealt with this issue? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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