Create Your Holiday Bucket List

create your holiday bucket list

I have heard of creating bucket lists for life and bucket lists for business but I had never heard of creating a holiday bucket list until now.

I saw something about it on the internet and it bust me in the head about how good of an idea that was.

Many of us take the holidays by storm we just kind of go thru the motions spontaneously and prayerfully get to do some awesome things.

This year I have decided to do things differently. The word I am focused on right now is intentional. I am trying to be intentional in every area of my life and this holiday season is no different.

I want to intentionally create certain memories with my son.

So I decided to make a holiday bucket list of the places I want to go and things things I want to do.

So here is how I did it…………

Just create a big brain dump… don’t care about the order. Remember the point is to make an exhaustive list. Then break your list down into 3 categories.. Must do, would like to do, next year definitely. Next, sit down with the family and pull out the calendar and see what you can make happen.

Here are some of the things on our family bucket list (to give you some ideas) Remember…they are in no particular order.

-hot chocolate and christmas light drive thru (in the car)
-lunch with santa/pictures
– family pictures for christmas cards
-polar express  train ride
-nutcracker play
-cookie baking
-nativity scene
-christmas concert (mommy)
-lighting of the tree
-Macy’s pink pig
-Stone Mountain christmas (snow mountain)
-snow queen …serenbe
-childrens christmas parade
-gobble jog (10K)
-ice skate
-christmas run (5 or 10k)
-holiday tea (mommy)
-Christmas at Biltmore
-holiday movie night

This is as exhausting just looking at it right… lol. As you can see I am a busy bee but this is also between 2 months. If you make your list early enough there is more of a possibility of you getting the most done.

I’ve heard that if you really want to get something done then you need to write it down and schedule it or there is the possibility it might not happen.

Now of course you will veer from the list and do spontaneous things which I highly encourage. I also want you to give yourself flexibility and grace if all doesn’t go the way you planned.

Your list is just a template. A guided look into the holiday season.
Prayerfully it creates less stress and actually more opportunity.

Let me know if you make one!!!!

Please share some of the ideas on your family’s bucket list.



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